It’s been a typical mystery if Japan is one of the nations that numerous travelers go to from various nations including Indonesia to appreciate the pre-winter excellence that can not be found in tropical nations. In the event that the leaves are ruddy in shading indistinguishable from harvest time, the Japanese offer various encounters where the leaves will turn red, orange, yellow, and even brilliant darker.

The best places to encounter harvest time in Japan are everything you can visit, one of only a handful couple of prefectures in western Japan. Here’s a rundown of the 21 best places in western Japan in pre-winter that will strengthen your conviction to investigate the opposite side of Japan further. W

Hiroshima Prefecture

1. Momijidani Park

Around 200 maple trees that transform hues into red and brilliant dark colored, making Momijidani Park a ton of welcoming vacationers to rush to see the excellence of the fall tops. Absolutely in mid to late November, the wonderful landscape looks so genuine like the photos you regularly observe on postcards. Around the recreation center there is Mt. Misen which you can ride on a link vehicle for 1,800 yen for grown-ups and 900 yen for kids.

Opening times: 24 hours

Confirmation Ticket: Free

The most superb time to appreciate Autumn: mid – late November

Access: 20-minute stroll from Miyajima Ferry Terminal and take the ship

2. Buttsuji Temple

Buttsuji Temple
Buttsuji Temple

During harvest time, the Buttsuji sanctuary zone has all the earmarks of being progressively dynamic with a horde of vacationers who come to see the wonderful red and yellow pre-winter foliage. This sanctum is so famous in light of the fact that it is regularly referenced as probably the best spot in Hiroshima Prefecture to see pre-winter foliage. Not just the encompassing view, you can likewise observe the corridor which is the preparation scene of the most noticeable priests in Japan. So ensure you to visit it YES!

Opening times: 08.00 – 17.00

Affirmation Price: 300 yen (grown-up), 200 yen (JUNIOR and Senior High School), free (ELEMENTARY understudies)

The most extraordinary time to appreciate pre-winter: early – mid-November

Access: Get on the train for Mihara station or Hongo station, at that point take a transport

3. Shukkeien Garden

The simple access is just a little ways from Hiroshima station, making Shukkeien cultivates a great deal of sightseers. There will be no feeling of disappointment when you see the lovely landscape of the harvest time leaves. The Momiji Festival additionally adds to the dynamic air as it is held in the pre-winter tops in November, every year. Be one of the fortunate ones to see the excellence of the maple leaves in one of the 100 recorded stops in Japan.

Opening times: 09.00 – 17.00

Confirmation Price: 260 yen (grown-up), 150 yen (secondary School and undergrads), 100 yen (ELEMENTARY and middle school understudies)

The most great time to appreciate harvest time: early – late November

Access: 15 moment stroll from Hiroshima station, and the train ride

Hyogo Prefecture

4. Zuihoji Park

Zuihoji Park
Zuihoji Park

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So exceptional harvest time makes Zuihoji Park need to enter your vacation list in Japan. How not, just in the fall Park will open the bistro “Momiji Chaya” that accompanies fascinating menus, for example, Zenzai (red bean soup), dango cakes and hot tea. To appreciate the feast, you can eat it at the bistro or in the nursery under the delightful momoji foliage.

Opening times: 24 hours

Affirmation Ticket: Free

Access: 15-minute stroll from Arima Onsen Station and the train ride

5. Ankokuji Temple

Come to Ankokuji Temple in mid-November, where it is the ideal opportunity for you to see the pinnacle of harvest time excellence. The old trees that still stand will transform hues into redness and make each vacationer that comes will be charmed. Take as much time as is needed to sit on the sanctuary porch and perceive how lively the foliage looks so delightful like a sketch.

Opening times: 08.00 – 19.00

Affirmation Price: 300 yen (grown-up), free (youngsters)

The most phenomenal time to appreciate Autumn: mid-November

Access: Take the train for Toyooka station and continue by transport

6. Kokoen Park

With a territory of about 3.5 hectares, the Kokoen Park is one of the nursery that has a customary Japanese idea. This park consistently has an alternate delight in each season. The name is likewise very acclaimed in light of the fact that it is regularly utilized as a recording area for chronicled films and TV arrangement. How, intrigued to visit it?


Opening times: 09.00 – 18.00 (late April – August), 09.00 – 17.00 (September – mid April), shut each 29 – 30 December

Confirmation Price: 300 yen (grown-up), 150 yen (after under 18 years of age)

The most incredible time to appreciate Autumn: mid-November – late November

Access: 15 moment stroll from Himeji station, and strolling separation

Kyoto Prefecture

7. Arashiyama


Just by pontoon ride, you can unwind for a minute while taking a gander at the magnificence of harvest time leaves that start to change shading to rosy. The normal excellence is without a doubt, making this spot many visited by vacationers from different bearings. Strikingly, the stream vessel exercises in pre-winter have turned into a most loved movement that has been done since the Heian time frame to this date.

Opening times: 09.00 – 15.30

Incredible time to appreciate Autumn: Mid-November – early December

Access: 15 minutes by walking from Kameoka station via train

8. Eikando (Zenrinji Temple)

For you admirers of dramatization with sentimental kinds, the extension with the foundation of harvest time foliage is one of the fascinating spots. Presently you can see from your TV screen, yet legitimately from Eikando (Zenrinji sanctuary) in Kyoto prefecture. Both day and night, this ruddy hued leaf is continually intriguing for you to see. Take your camera and remember to catch it.

Opening times: 09.00 – 17.00

Ticket cost: 600 yen (night in harvest time), 1,000 yen (daytime during fall)

The most incredible time to appreciate Autumn: mid-November

Access: 15 minutes by walking from the Keage station on the train.

9. Kiyomizudera Temple

Kiyomizudera Temple
Kiyomizudera Temple

Not just as a position of love, the sanctuary is additionally regularly utilized as visitor goal, one of Kiyomizudera sanctuary which is so prominent as one of the most wonderful spots to see maple trees. All things considered over the slope, you can see transcending maple trees from the wooden phase of the sanctuary Hall at a tallness of 13 meters. Stunning!

Opening times: 06.00 – 18.00, 18.00 – 21.00 (during spring and harvest time)

Confirmation ticket: 400 yen

Incredible time to appreciate Autumn: Mid-November – early December

Access: Take the train for Kyoto station, at that point take the transport number 100 or 206 with the goal Gojo-Zaka or Kiyomizu-Michi stop, and stroll for around 10 minutes