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Is pot issue headed to voters?

Even if Yuba County supervisors adopt a proposed marijuana cultivation ordinance banning outdoor growing, it's not likely the issue will be going away anytime soon. And if the board follows through on its unanimous approval at the first reading last month, it could trigger a process that ultimately sends the issue to county voters.

Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting 2-14-2015

The Yuba County Board of Supervisors had the First Reading (2-14-15) of the proposed new Marijuana Growing Ordinance; they also voted on a Resolution to provide for a yearly $441.00 Registration Fee for all Growers. Both items passed by a 5 to 0 Vote of the Supervisors. The Second Reading of the Ordinance will be on March 10th at 3pm. If the Ordinance gets a positive vote at that meeting, then the Ordinance would become effective 30 days thereafter, unless the Growers initiate and are successful in a Referendum within that 30 days.


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