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Legal challenge to Yuba County pot law forthcoming

Opponents of Yuba County's new marijuana cultivation ordinance are filing a lawsuit challenging the regulations banning outdoor grows and limiting the number of indoor plants to a dozen. A Yuba County Superior Court clerk confirmed Thursday the suit against the county has been submitted and is in the process of being officially filed, but a copy was not yet available

70-pound pot bust made in Olivehurst

State Department of Fish and Wildlife wardens found 70 pounds of marijuana, a safe containing $27,000 and illegal deer and salmon meat during a probation search of the home of a defendant in a large 2012 sturgeon poaching case.

Yuba County FACT Update 3-13-2015


FACT had kept their promise to Support the Yuba County Board of Supervisors' Actions by: Placing a 1/4 page advertisement in the 3-11-15 issue of the Territorial Dispatch Newspaper; printed up 1,500 (for a start) flyers supporting the BOS; organized a community outreach program (letters, telephone calls, business table booths) and increased the BOS meeting attendance by FACT Supporters.

March 10, 2010 Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting

Meeting Summary

  • The meeting was held at 3pm within the BOS Chambers to discuss the Adoption of a revised Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance.
  • In attendance was about 200 people. The pro marijuana group was slightly larger than those supporting the proposed revised ordinance.
  • Yuba County FACT made good progress, prior to the meeting start, passing out a Newspaper Advertisement and flyers in support of the revised ordinance. A good number of people were signed up to speak "Thanking the Supervisors for their efforts".

Yuba County bans outdoor marijuana grows

The bans on outdoor marijuana grows are sprouting up all over the North State. Now Yuba County has a ban. Supervisors passed the new ordinance to crack down on bigger grows.

The ordinance will replace the existing one that allowed 18 outdoor plants on an acre and as many as 99 plants on 20 acres or more. Supervisors say the illegal outdoor grows were out of control.

Yuba County officials scurry to carry out outdoor pot ban

With Yuba County's ban on outdoor marijuana cultivation now in effect, anyone growing pot outside suddenly finds themselves in violation of the county's new urgency ordinance.

Letter: Yuba County Republican Party thanks BOS

The Yuba County Republican Party would like to publicly commend the Yuba County Board of Supervisors for their recent adoption of a revised Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. After several Public Hearings, presentations by County Staff and the County Sheriff, letters from Educational and Medical Community Leaders, input from the marijuana growers and the concerned public, it was time to make a decision. The Board of Supervisors took the bold step and adopted the Ordinance under an Urgency Declaration. This Declaration caused the Ordinance to become effective immediately.

Supes begin process for marijuana ordinance; Growers association prepares to file referendum paperwork

Supporters and opponents of tighter medical marijuana restrictions in Yuba County are expected to be out in force once again this week before the county Board of Supervisors.
With informal workshops that resulted in packed chambers behind them, supervisors will start the more formal process of considering a new marijuana cultivation ordinance.
At the same time, those supporting tougher restrictions or opposed to repealing the county's existing ordinance are drawing more definite battle lines.

Now is not the time to relax!

The Yuba County marijuana industry may try a referendum on the new Ordinance by collecting sufficient signatures to force the Ordinance to a vote of the people. They would have thirty days after the final BOS vote to collect 1,242 signatures from registered Yuba County voters. An effort could be made to prevent this by stationing our own teams at key locations. Walmart in Linda for example. Our volunteers would have handout material to discourage people from signing the petition and forms available for a person to remove their name from the Referendum Petition if they had already signed.


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