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F.A.C.T. Update May 5 2015

Last week on 4-28-15, the Yuba County Board of Supervisors again adopted the Urgency Ordinance restricting the cultivation of marijuana. In addition, the California Supreme Court rejected the Growers Appeal and sent it back to the Appeals Court, who also again rejected their motions.

Pot supporters target Yuba County supervisor for recall

A Yuba County supervisor was served with recall papers and other board members were threatened with the same after reapproving a new marijuana cultivation ordinance banning outdoor plants.
Supervisors voted 4-0, with Mary Jane Griego absent, to first repeal the new ordinance approved March 10 and then reapprove it with the same urgency designation. In between was a 11⁄2-hour heated public hearing followed by opponents shouting and pointing at individual board members after the vote.

Yuba County Board of Supervisors again Declared and Adopted the Urgency Marijuana Ordinance

Today in a very contentious meeting the Yuba County Board of Supervisors again Declared and Adopted the Urgency Marijuana Ordinance. This is the same Ordinance that was adopted on March 10th. Today's action was taken to clear up any possible problems with Public Notice Requirements. The Vote was 4 to 0 in all the actions. Supervisors Griego was absent. Check out tomorrows newspapers for more details.

Some of the major points of today's meeting were:

Dozens of pot ordinance opponents rally

Opponents to Yuba County's new marijuana cultivation ordinance carried signs and responded with cheers to the supportive honks of passing motorists during a Monday morning rally in Marysville.
About 75 medical marijuana supporters, most carrying signs decrying the ordinance or supporting medical marijuana use, staged a two-hour rally along the street fronting the Yuba County Government Center.

Marysville homicide victim identified

Authorities have identified the Marysville man found dead of an apparent homicide inside his home Monday...More than 40 pounds of marijuana was seized from the backyard of the Greely Drive home Monday, causing police to believe [Michael] McDaniel may have been killed during a drug robbery gone wrong.

Please attend Board of Supervisors Meeting Tuesday, April 28 2015 at 3pm

The Yuba County Board of Supervisors will be having a meeting and Public Hearing on Tuesday, April 28, 2015, at 3 pm at the Yuba County Government Center in Marysville to again consider action on the Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance that they adopted on March 10, 2015. Unfortunately when the BOS adopted the Ordinance, as an Urgency measure, there were some possible problems with how that agenda item was publicized.

Marijuana protest goes to state Supreme Court

Yuba Patients coalition has followed through on its intent to challenge Yuba County's new marijuana cultivation ordinance in the state supreme court.

San Francisco-based attorney Joe Elford has filed a writ of mandate and prohibition with the Supreme Court against the ordinance. Elfor represents Yuba Patients Coalition and six individuals in the county.

Attorney: Yuba County pot case to state Supreme Court

Opponents of Yuba County's new medical marijuana ordinance are expected today to seek a state Supreme Court order forcing county election officials to accept petitions for a voter referendum.

Judge denies stay on Yuba county pot ordinance

A Yuba County Superior Court judge has denied a preliminary injunction application by medical marijuana patients seeking to delay enforcement of the county's new cultivation ordinance.

After ruling, pot referendum petitions are turned away

Opponents to Yuba County's new medical marijuana ordinance tried Thursday to file referendum petitions with county election officials, but were turned away.

County Clerk-Recorder Terry hansen said she had no choice but to not accept the petitions that would force the new ordinance to a public vote. Ordinance opponents also made an unsuccessful attempt to file them with the clerk to the Board of Supervisors.


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