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Yuba County Sheriff's deputy arrested on drug charges in Pennsylvania

A Yuba County Sheriff’s deputy is in custody in Pennsylvania suspected of transporting and delivering a controlled substance across state lines.

Christopher Heath, 37, is facing charges of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance, and delivery of a controlled substance. Authorities with the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement agency said Heath was detained after being suspected of transporting marijuana in York County while on vacation from his job with the Yuba County Sheriff.

Meridian pot robbery ends in 4 arrests

Four people were arrested soon after a Meridian man told authorities he was pistol-whipped and robbed of a 15-pound tote of marijuana just after 5 a.m. Tuesday, Sutter County Sheriff J. Paul Parker said.
A pistol and a tote of marijuana were discovered in suspect vehicles after one of the cars crashed into a pole while attempting flee from officers off Highway 20 east of Yuba City, Parker said.

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Yuba County FACT Update 12-21-2015

Marijuana Crime Watch

11-24-15, Browns Valley, Patrick Ferguson arrested, Marijuana conspiracy.
11-27-15, Oregon House, Todd Heller arrested, marijuana for sale.
12-10-15, Olivehurst, Home invasion armed robbery of marijuana, there was no marijuana in the home.
12-15-15, Browns Valley, Spring Valley Road, Thanks to a FACT Observer, six large trash bags of empty propane/butane bottles were found dumped along the road. This is a by-product of a marijuana honey oil lab. The Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Marysville: Yes to pot dispensaries, no to pot growing

Two medical marijuana dispensaries could be allowed in Marysville following City Council support of an ordinance loosening restrictions for cannabis facilities in the city.
In a separate Tuesday night vote, the council also approved banning the cultivation of marijuana — giving one victory to cultivation opponents and one to dispensary supporters. Second readings of both ordinances must still be approved — likely on Jan. 19 — before the actions are final.

Yuba County FACT Update 12-13-2015

A copy of the 12-15-15 Agenda of the Marysville City Council Meeting has been obtained and it is clear: The Marysville City Administration is so cash conscience that they are recommending the City get involved in commercial marijuana/cannabis trafficking as a financial bailout. In order to provide locations for combination marijuana dispensaries and grow sites (Pot Shops), they have developed a revised Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance that drastically reduces the safety set backs from residential areas, schools, parks and other locations commonly used by children.

Yuba County FACT Update 11-23-2015

11-4-15, Marysville, Sven Alecander Johnson: marijuana for sale, shipping marijuana out of state and a felon in possession of numerous firearms.
11-7-15, Dobbins, Christopher J. Reagan-Tilton: marijuana for sale.
11-9-15, Wheatland, Lawerence E. Taylor: marijuana for sale.
11-10-15, Olivehurst, Darrell L. Anderson: Marijuana for sale.
11-16-15, Bangor, (arrested in Yuba County), Tod A. Rominger: marijuana for sale.
11-18-15, Marysville, Nezario Gebacio-Reyes: marijuana for sale.

The battle over medical marijuana

Whether the word "medical" should precede "marijuana" depends on who you talk to — there are divergent opinions when it comes to Yuba County's cannabis cultivation ordinance.
For those in favor of tighter restrictions, connecting "medical" and "marijuana" is misleading. It goes against what they believe is the primary reason for marijuana grow sites — to make money.

Illegally-possessed firearms found in hidden room during marijuana search

Anti-drug agents discovered illegally-possessed guns in a concealed room hidden behind a built-in bookcase during a marijuana-related search, officials said.
Sven Alecander Johnson, 32, was booked into Yuba County Jail on suspicion of being a felon in possession of firearms, possession of marijuana for sale and possession of methamphetamine.

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Yuba County FACT Update 11-1-2015

VASQUEZ RECALL: On October 13th you received a Yuba County FACT News Flash stating that the marijuana industry's effort to recall Supervisor Vasquez failed to collect sufficient signatures. They fell short by over 200 signatures. This cost the County Elections Office (that's you) employee time/dollars. As a result, the Appeal Democrat Newspaper (10-22-15) wrote an Editorial telling them it was time for them to "move on" and produce something positive for Yuba County.

Two suspects sought in Brownsville pot robbery

Two armed men bound a Yuba County foothills resident in his home and stole marijuana plants Wednesday afternoon, sheriff's officials said.
The unidentified suspects fled in a small moving van and remain at large.

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