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Yuba County FACT Update 12-21-2015

Marijuana Crime Watch

11-24-15, Browns Valley, Patrick Ferguson arrested, Marijuana conspiracy.
11-27-15, Oregon House, Todd Heller arrested, marijuana for sale.
12-10-15, Olivehurst, Home invasion armed robbery of marijuana, there was no marijuana in the home.
12-15-15, Browns Valley, Spring Valley Road, Thanks to a FACT Observer, six large trash bags of empty propane/butane bottles were found dumped along the road. This is a by-product of a marijuana honey oil lab. The Sheriff's Office is investigating.
12-16-15, Olivehurst, Large multi-county arrests, guns, stolen cars and 50 pounds of marijuana.

Marijuana Traffickers Voter Initiatives

The supporters of selling and growing marijuana within Yuba County have managed to submit sufficient signatures to get the issue placed on a voter ballot. The two Initiatives (called measures at the County level) should be placed on the June 7th, 2016 Primary Election. The Yuba County Board of Supervisors are expected to hear the issue at their regularly scheduled meeting on January 12, 2016. In recent California history, Ballot Measures designed to reduce restrictions on cultivation or dispensaries have all lost. This was the fact in: Riverside, Lake, Shasta, Butte and Nevada Counties. The full text of the measures can be found on the Yuba County Election Website. A brief description is below:

  • Marijuana Cultivation: The Measure would again allow for Outdoor Growing with up to 60 plants.
  • Marijuana Dispensaries: Currently dispensaries are prohibited in Yuba County outside Cities. This Measure would require up to five dispensaries (one per Supervisor District) in Yuba County.

Marijuana Traffickers Court Suit

The Yuba County marijuana traffickers' suit is continuing in Superior Court. Another hearing is expected on 2-25-16 at 1 pm. The trial is scheduled for March 15, 2016 at 8 am. They are attempting to get the current Yuba County marijuana ordinance modified or thrown out. Recent Court decision's due not predict a good outcome for the traffickers desires; the 5th District Court of Appears, just this month, found that a total ban of marijuana growing in Fresno County was valid and enforceable.

Nearby City Marijuana Bans

Just this month the City of Grass Valley and the Nevada City Planning Commission voted to ban all cultivation, dispensaries and delivery of marijuana products within their jurisdictions. Grass Valley City did establish an ad Hoc committee to look into the issue for further study and report back in April of 2016. The Grass Valley decision seems to be a more prudent option when compared to the decision by the Marysville City Council; a decision that appears was made in prior secrecy and local crony favoritism.

Marysville City

No on Marijuana Cultivation and Yes to Dispensaries: The process of the Marysville City Council meeting on December 15, 2015 smelled even worse than a neighbor growing 100 marijuana plants just on the other side of your shared six foot fence. The Council, on a three to two vote, banned all marijuana growing within the City except for two commercial dispensary/grow sites. Councilmen Samayoa, Simmons and Pedigo voted in favor: Councilmen Whitmore and Kitchen were opposed. Yuba County FACT agrees with the ban on marijuana cultivation; this new ordinance was carried out in the open with meetings conducted as far back as June 2015. The changes and relaxation of the current marijuana dispensary ordinance, which now provides for two downtown commercial marijuana dispensary/grow sites was not. In fact, it has been learned that just days prior to the City Council meeting there was an undisclosed meeting held by City Staff with some local building owners. It certainly appears that the new proposed Dispensary Ordinance was designed to accommodate some specific sites. Not all of the Councilmen were aware of this meeting a majority was. It also appears that public safety was compromised. Even the local marijuana growers should not be happy with this outcome; the City Council bans them from growing then creates a monopoly where they must buy their mind altering substance. Last Saturday, radio Station KMYC, 1410 am exposed this scheme, watch for additional releases from the Territorial Dispatch and the Appeal Democrat Newspapers.

Yuba County FACT Campaign Efforts

We are certainly aware of the need to develop a sound and honest effort to defeat the June 7th, 2016 Marijuana Traffickers Measures. We are moving forward with these efforts, but the details will remain confidential for now. Be assured that requirements of the FPPC (Fair Political Practices Commission) will be followed. If you want to sign up for this effort please contact us by email with what you will do and your contact information.