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Yuba County FACT Update 12-13-2015

A copy of the 12-15-15 Agenda of the Marysville City Council Meeting has been obtained and it is clear: The Marysville City Administration is so cash conscience that they are recommending the City get involved in commercial marijuana/cannabis trafficking as a financial bailout. In order to provide locations for combination marijuana dispensaries and grow sites (Pot Shops), they have developed a revised Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance that drastically reduces the safety set backs from residential areas, schools, parks and other locations commonly used by children. See the attached flyer for more details.

It is important that you attend the 12-15-15 City Council Meeting at 6 pm at 526 C Street, Marysville and voice your concerns. Note: Our last News Flash wrongly listed the location as the Old Marysville City Annex at 429 10th Street. However, it is doubtful that the normal Council Chambers will hold all those wishing to attend, so there could be a location change. You could also telephone them at 749-3901.

Yuba County FACT intends on distributing a good number of the attached flyers around Marysville on Monday, 12-14-15. If you want to help show up at the Marysville Library at 11 am on that day. Wear walking shoes.