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Yuba County FACT Update 11-23-2015

11-4-15, Marysville, Sven Alecander Johnson: marijuana for sale, shipping marijuana out of state and a felon in possession of numerous firearms.
11-7-15, Dobbins, Christopher J. Reagan-Tilton: marijuana for sale.
11-9-15, Wheatland, Lawerence E. Taylor: marijuana for sale.
11-10-15, Olivehurst, Darrell L. Anderson: Marijuana for sale.
11-16-15, Bangor, (arrested in Yuba County), Tod A. Rominger: marijuana for sale.
11-18-15, Marysville, Nezario Gebacio-Reyes: marijuana for sale.
WASHINGTON STATE FATAL AUTO ACCIDENTS: Would you be surprised that the Washington State Commission on Traffic Safety has reported that the number of fatal marijuana involved traffic accidents has more than doubled since legalizing marijuana for Recreational use; from 7.6% to 16.5%.

MADD Do you know that Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), in 2015, added "Drugged Drivers to their Mission Statement? “The mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking.” Drugged Drivers include the use of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana and according to one MADD Representative; " While the substances are different, the results are the same: needless death and injuries."
Editors Note with related News: Gresham, Oregon, October 6, 2015: 27 year old Jacob McLeod Walters was charged with manslaughter after hitting a women in a crosswalk and killing her. Walters had been smoking marijuana shortly before he got into his car and caused this death.

HUNDREDS OF POT COMPLAINTS IN YUBA COUNTY The full text of a front page article, from the Appeal Democrat on 8-19-15, is attached for your review. A summary indicates that there was 350 marijuana complaints with 203 found to be justified, 81 unfounded and 75 could not be accessed(locked gates). Also according to the article, 9,556 plants were eradicated by Code Enforcement and 4,800 plants were seized by the Sheriff's Office. Editor's Note: Not counting marijuana plants that were not discovered, this is a total of 14,356 marijuana plants. Given an estimate of 5 pounds of processed marijuana per plant, the total processed marijuana could have been 71,780 pounds. This is almost one pound for every Yuba County resident (men, women and children). Are we all using medical marijuana? Of course not, this is growing marijuana for profit, they are cannabis traffickers!

YUBA COUNTY DA FINDS NO FAULT WITH SUPERVISOR VASQUEZ MAILER The marijuana industry has failed again. First they try and collect sufficient signatures to force a recall of Supervisor Vasquez; it was clear that it was because of his bold stance in protecting the good residents of Yuba County from marijuana traffickers. They failed miserably in their effort, so they then claim fowl for a letter Supervisor Vasquez sent out. The letter simply pointed out that a murder in Marysville was associated with marijuana. The Yuba County District Attorney, Pat McGrath, found the marijuana supporter claims to be unfounded and the Vasquez letter did not violate election law.

FACT OBSERVER REPORTS One of our Observers reports a change in some Craig's List Advertisements. It appears that some local housing rental advertisements now contain the statement "No Marijuana". Perhaps landowners are now recognizing their responsibility to the whole community and are taking more efforts to ensure their rentals are used according to the law.

MARIJUANA SUPPORTERS SUIT TO OVERTURN CULTIVATION ORDINANCE It appears that the marijuana supporters' attorney has finally filed the correct paperwork in their efforts to overturn the Yuba County Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. The suit will go to trial on March 15, 2016 at 8 am in Yuba County Superior Court. It is expected that the trial will last 4 days. Previous similar cases in other California Counties have proven to be a loser for the marijuana industry.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING In just a few days we will be celebrating, this year include in your thanks, a vast reduction in area marijuana and it's harmful effects. Far better to have a turkey on the table rather than a destructive weed.