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Yuba County FACT Update 11-1-2015

VASQUEZ RECALL: On October 13th you received a Yuba County FACT News Flash stating that the marijuana industry's effort to recall Supervisor Vasquez failed to collect sufficient signatures. They fell short by over 200 signatures. This cost the County Elections Office (that's you) employee time/dollars. As a result, the Appeal Democrat Newspaper (10-22-15) wrote an Editorial telling them it was time for them to "move on" and produce something positive for Yuba County. Alas, it was to no avail, the marijuana industry is now perusing a complaint with the District Attorney's Office, which is again impacting our County Resources.

MARIJUANA CRIME WATCH: There can be no doubt that the marijuana industry impacts our local law enforcement and court system resources. The following are recent examples for just Yuba County:
10-6-15, Browns Valley, an apparent marijuana related burglary at the Bald Mountain Nursery.
10-8-15, Challenge, Victor M. Rosales was arrested for marijuana trafficking.
10-9-15, Brownsville, Home Invasion Robbery, two armed men force a resident to the floor and robbed him of 35 marijuana plants.
10-11-15, Dobbins, Jed Kenniston was arrested for marijuana trafficking.
10-20-15, Olivehurst, Daniel Aspin was arrested for marijuana trafficking.
10-21-15, Marysville, Nhome Saradeth and Bao Inthabane were arrested for marijuana trafficking.
10-24-15, Marysville, Joe Rogers and Artell Woodford were arrested for attempted grand theft of marijuana.
10-27-15, Olivehurst, Home Invasion Robbery, two armed men force a family, including a three year old child, to the floor looking to rob them of marijuana, no marijuana was in the home.
Editors Comment: Yuba County is not downtown Oakland or Detroit, but the marijuana industry is doing their best to follow the example of those crime ridden communities. Home Invasion robberies and a burglary of nursery supplies should not become a part of our environment. Although not in Yuba County, rural Rail Road Flat in Calaveras County recently had three murders in a marijuana related incident. These men were gunned down in the street by shotgun blasts. Will an incident like this soon be listed in the Yuba County Marijuana Crime Watch?

MARIJUANA INDUSTRY SUIT AGAINST YUBA COUNTY: On October 26th the Yuba County Superior Court again (6th or 7th time?) heard the Marijuana Industry's suit to overturn the Yuba County Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance. The judge continued the hearing until November 16th because their attorney had failed to properly submit the correct amendments. This is becoming a protracted circus, costing more taxpayers dollars and resources.

ASSEMBLYMAN GALLAGHER/SENATOR NIELSEN MEETING: On October 22nd, our area Assemblyman and State Senator conducted a Public Meeting in Linda. Yuba Sutter area residents and representative from local Law Enforcement were in attendance. One of the common areas of concern was the need for additional funding for local marijuana enforcement. Thank You Assemblyman Gallagher and Senator Nielsen for your interest and support for our communities.

FACT OBSERVER REPORTS: Editors' Comment, Become a FACT Observer and report marijuana related information to or by calling 675-3221. Some marijuana incidents or marijuana enforcement activity are not being published in the news media: Yuba County FACT can help make this news public.
Dobbins/Oregon House Area, Code Enforcement recently inspected a resident and gave them a Notice and an Order to Abate a Public Nuisance. The notice included violations of growing 98 marijuana plants, Water Source Discharge and no residence at the site.

YUBA COUNTY FACT RESULTS: Attendance at Board of Supervisors meetings, Letters to the Editor and your telephone calls and emails are helping to rid our county of illegal marijuana/drug trafficking. Those FACT Supporters who sent a contribution to Supervisor Vasquez helped finance a Vasquez Supporting Letter mailed out to his constituents. This Letter was a major factor in preventing the recall and kept intact our positive Board of Supervisors. Special Thanks to these contributors. But we must stay vigilant, the marijuana industry is busy circulating more petitions that could open Yuba County to POT Dispensaries and a return to large out door marijuana grows. FACT Observers have seen them at the Marysville Post Office and the Linda Walmart collecting signatures. Don't sign their self serving petitions.