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Yuba County FACT Update 1-15-2016

Marijuana Crime Watch

  • 12-24-15, Patrick J. Faey, 1100 Jewel Flower Street, Plumas Lake, Marijuana for sale.
  • December 2015, Mike Heath, Yuba County Deputy Sheriff, Net Five Member, resident of Butte County, arrested in York County Pennsylvania for transportation of 247 pounds of marijuana.
  • Editors Comment: Only those arrests that are directly related to marijuana crimes within Yuba County (with a few exceptions) are listed. In the two months period since the start of this report, 23 Marijuana Crimes have been reported. This is a crime that is substantially underreported. One of the exceptions was the Officer Heath arrest in Pennsylvania. Having been personally exposed to him and some of his relations over a thirty year time period, I was taken by surprise. Heath along with his wife and mother in law were arrested for related crimes. If convicted, this makes them criminals. This is another example of the adverse consequences of drugs/marijuana and the money involved.

Nevada County Ban Just this week, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, implemented an urgency ordinance banning all outdoor growing of marijuana. They permitted indoor growing, but limited the area to 25 square feet. This is a big deal, Nevada County was one of the few rural counties that voted in favor of "medical marijuana back in 1996. This is a direct result of other counties, Yuba, Shasta, Glen, Butte, Sacramento, etc. tightening their regulations. Nevada County became a magnet for the unruly grower and it looks like they didn't like the taste.

Marysville City Marijuana Ordinances On Tuesday, January 19th at 6 pm, the Marysville City Council will have the second reading on their two marijuana ordinances. The first ordinance bans all outdoor growing, except in association with Pot Dispensaries. This ordinance has not had much controversy, but the second ordinance opening the City to the placement of two dispensaries has received much publicity. This second ordinance seems to favor the placement of a dispensary/grow site near Rideout Hospital and Ellis Lake. Radio Station KMYC and the Territorial Dispatch reported on the circumstances leading up the first reading. The Appeal Democrat Newspaper is still investigating the incident. It appears that three councilmen had made up their minds and decided on a positive vote prior to the public hearing. Councilman Pedigo, Samayoa and Simmons voted in favor of placing marijuana dispensaries in the city. If you want to voice your concerns show up to their meeting on January 19th.

Safe and Drug-Free Community Act This week Yuba County Fact representatives attended a meeting in Sacramento presented by CALM (Citizens Against Legalized Marijuana) and Stop Pot 2016. The meeting was attended by representatives as far away as San Diego. The main topic was an Initiative effort supporting the Safe and Drug-Free Community Act. This Initiative would ban all private growing and sales of marijuana. Medical marijuana would be provided by a limited amount of State growing and sales locations. Yuba County FACT will support the signature gathering for this initiative.

Yuba County Marijuana Initiatives/Measures On Jan 12th, the Yuba County Board of Supervisors placed two, pot user supported, Measures on the June 7th ballot for the voters to decide. One Measure would return to outdoor growing of up to 60 plants and the other would establish five marijuana dispensaries in the County. This is what the pot supporters had worked for in gathering signatures and presenting them to the County. But that wasn't enough and they wanted the ordinances enacted now. They threw a tantrum at the Board meeting, disrupting the process with catcalling, profanity, yelling and personal threats. Four sheriff's Deputies had to restore order. Hard to believe, if you have doubts check out the full video of the meeting on the E Territorial Dispatch or on the Yuba County FACT Facebook or read the Appeal Democrat's scathing view on their Forum, page A4 Jan 13 issue. read it onl;ilne here: Our Views: Voters will do more than consider the wording of initiatives