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Yuba County Board of Supervisors Meeting 2-14-2015

The Yuba County Board of Supervisors had the First Reading (2-14-15) of the proposed new Marijuana Growing Ordinance; they also voted on a Resolution to provide for a yearly $441.00 Registration Fee for all Growers. Both items passed by a 5 to 0 Vote of the Supervisors. The Second Reading of the Ordinance will be on March 10th at 3pm. If the Ordinance gets a positive vote at that meeting, then the Ordinance would become effective 30 days thereafter, unless the Growers initiate and are successful in a Referendum within that 30 days.

This meeting was not the most pleasant for our group. The Marijuana Growers outnumbered us and presentations were over 2 to 1 in their favor. Much of the turnout was the results of efforts by out of county marijuana promoters. Some outrageous claims were made: one person said marijuana made his brain larger, another said marijuana was a gift from God and still another said we represented the past and they the future. I continue to be dismayed at the lack (with a few notable exceptions) of participation by our Faith, Medical and Educational Leaders. We need them to address some of these ridicules claims. For those supporters that attended the meeting, many thanks!

At the meeting, we distributed a flyer (see attachment) asking for Volunteer and Financial Pledges. A logical question was asked, "Why would you need financial support?" The answer: If the Marijuana Growers are successful in a Referendum, then the Ordinance would be placed on hold until a Special Countywide Election was held. It would then become a full campaign issue with printing costs, mailing costs, advertisements and those normal things necessary to win a majority of the voters. To lose this election would mean the old Marijuana Ordinance, with the 99 plant limit, would remain in effect. We cannot let this happen.

Some other items:

We picked up several new supporters at the meeting.
Appeal Democrat Newspaper 2-23-15 (Front page) and 2-24-15 (page A-4 Forum) contained considerable wording from a FACT News Release.
Territorial Dispatch Newspaper 2-25-15 (page 7) contains the FACT News Release in total. Thank you Territorial Dispatch.