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Yuba County Code Enforcement

Also see Ordinance 1538 Summary on this site.

The following links pertain to Ordinance 1538, also known as Yuba County Ordinance Code (YCOC) Chapter 7.40 – Marijuana Cultivation: - Code Enforcement Home Page - Summary page describes Ordinance 1538 - Ordinance 1538 in detail - MJ Cultivation application form - General complaint instructions - File a complaint electronically

Other Web Sites & Social Media

Yuba-FACT FaceBook Page - Please visit and "Like" - Butte County Safe Access Not Excess Web site Chronicling the Medical Marijuana Controversy in Butte County
Butte County FACT - Families Against Cannabis Trafficking web site
Butte County FACT Facebook page - Please visit and "Like" - California Stop Pot 2016 web site