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How to Help


Support Enforcement of Yuba County Ordinance #1538, Marijuana Cultivation

Become informed - become acquainted with Ordinance 1538

Educate Others - below is a link to download a Flyer related to the Urgency Ordinance passed by the Yuba County Board of Supervisors. The Flyer provides a summary of the Ordinance and how to report illegal growing/trafficking of marijuana. Along with other requirements, the cultivation of marijuana outdoors is now illegal. This follows the example of several nearby counties such as Shasta, Tehama and Sacramento. You are also urged to reproduce (black and white or color) the Flyer and give it wide dissemination to Yuba County Residents; churches, public service groups, bulletin boards and community events are good locations. If you cannot reproduce the Flyer, contact FACT and we will provide copies

File Complaints - supporters of a Yuba County free of Drug Traffickers are urged to turn in a complaint of any suspected outdoor growing and/or other marijuana cultivation violations. Your names will be kept confidential. Call (530) 749-5455 or File a complaint electronically

Demand Support - due to the current great number of Drug Traffickers that recently relocated to our County, the Yuba County Sheriff and Code Enforcement will need extra resources to clean up this unwelcome element. Contact the Board of Supervisors and urge them to provide the funding for extra administrative support and the creation of a Joint Sheriff's Office Code Enforcement Marijuana Unit dedicated to the Enforcement of Ordinance #1538 and other marijuana misdemeanor and felony violations.

Write Letters to the Editor and make public presentations in support of Ordinance #1538.

Request a presentation by FACT and/or Yuba County Officials.

Resist petitions - Marijuana Cultivators are filing a lawsuit: Represented by a Bay Area attorney, who is also associated with a National Organization that advocates for the expanded use of marijuana, some local marijuana user/growers have filed a lawsuit against Ordinance #1538. Make no mistake, actions to halt enforcement of Ordinance #1538, even on a temporary basis, will provide cover for continued operations by marijuana/cannabis traffickers. These traffickers simply do not care that we are in a drought and the damage they cause to our environment and our community. There is a petition being circulated asking for the Board of Supervisors to rescind the Ordinance. Out of county circulators are even being paid to collect signatures. Do not sign this petition and urge others to also decline to sign.