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What Do You Want From Me?

We ask you to support the Board of Supervisors on the new Medical Marijuana Ordinance and DECLINE to sign any petition to overturn the Ordinance.

How Has Yuba County Been Affected by Excessive Marijuana Cultivation?

  • Strong skunk smells, allergic reactions during fragrant mature “budding out” stage of plant growth
  • Visual blight – ugly fences, trailer encampments, slashed hillsides
  • Massive increase in vehicular traffic, water and soil trucks etc, especially on country roads, swarms of seasonal “pot trade” workers
  • Danger – influx of rude, criminal-minded “entrepreneurs” with little regard for public safety, peace and quiet; armed guards, vicious dogs, intimidation, fires and explosions due to “Butane Honey-Oil” laboratories
  • Environmental Destruction – due to wanton grading practices, use of poisons and pesticides, excess heavy traffic in sensitive areas
  • Crime – armed invasion robberies and murders associated with valuable pot products
  • Water Table Threats – Pot plants use up to 9 gal/day. Imagine 200,000 pot plants being watered at the expense of aquifers you depend upon for your household, your livestock, your life.
  • Loss of property values due to deteriorating neighborhoods and scenery
  • Loss of your peace and quiet!

How much can a single pot plant produce?

Conservatively, about 1-2 pounds, but well-tended plants can easily yield 4 lbs or more.

How much is a pound of pot worth?

Locally, probably under $2000/lb. On the East Coast, $5000-$7000/lb

Hey - Isn’t Pot Legal in California?

Technically, marijuana is not legal in CA. Per proposition 215, medical use is “an acceptable defense” for cultivation, possession and transport in a court of law. Selling marijuana is illegal under CA and Federal Law.

How can the county restrict medical marijuana growing? Isn’t this against Prop 215?

According to the California 3rd District Court of Appeals, which ruled on March 26, 2014 in favor of the City of Live Oaks’ total ban on marijuana cultivation:

There is no "unfettered right to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes…Regulation of medical marijuana cultivation does not conflict with Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act approved by voters in 1996, or the 2003 Medical Marijuana Program approved by the Legislature

Will this ordinance make criminals out of regular folks?

Technically, it is a land-use ordinance handled by Code Enforcement, similar to other land-use laws. It is intended to protect neighborhoods and the environment, not put people in jail. Growing pot for profit is already a crime under state and Federal laws.