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Yuba County FACT Update 1-15-2016

Marijuana Crime Watch

Yuba County FACT Update 12-21-2015

Marijuana Crime Watch

11-24-15, Browns Valley, Patrick Ferguson arrested, Marijuana conspiracy.
11-27-15, Oregon House, Todd Heller arrested, marijuana for sale.
12-10-15, Olivehurst, Home invasion armed robbery of marijuana, there was no marijuana in the home.
12-15-15, Browns Valley, Spring Valley Road, Thanks to a FACT Observer, six large trash bags of empty propane/butane bottles were found dumped along the road. This is a by-product of a marijuana honey oil lab. The Sheriff's Office is investigating.

Yuba County FACT Update 12-13-2015

A copy of the 12-15-15 Agenda of the Marysville City Council Meeting has been obtained and it is clear: The Marysville City Administration is so cash conscience that they are recommending the City get involved in commercial marijuana/cannabis trafficking as a financial bailout. In order to provide locations for combination marijuana dispensaries and grow sites (Pot Shops), they have developed a revised Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance that drastically reduces the safety set backs from residential areas, schools, parks and other locations commonly used by children.

Yuba County FACT Update 11-23-2015

11-4-15, Marysville, Sven Alecander Johnson: marijuana for sale, shipping marijuana out of state and a felon in possession of numerous firearms.
11-7-15, Dobbins, Christopher J. Reagan-Tilton: marijuana for sale.
11-9-15, Wheatland, Lawerence E. Taylor: marijuana for sale.
11-10-15, Olivehurst, Darrell L. Anderson: Marijuana for sale.
11-16-15, Bangor, (arrested in Yuba County), Tod A. Rominger: marijuana for sale.
11-18-15, Marysville, Nezario Gebacio-Reyes: marijuana for sale.

Yuba County FACT Update 11-1-2015

VASQUEZ RECALL: On October 13th you received a Yuba County FACT News Flash stating that the marijuana industry's effort to recall Supervisor Vasquez failed to collect sufficient signatures. They fell short by over 200 signatures. This cost the County Elections Office (that's you) employee time/dollars. As a result, the Appeal Democrat Newspaper (10-22-15) wrote an Editorial telling them it was time for them to "move on" and produce something positive for Yuba County.

Yuba County FACT Update 10-8-2015

CA. Regional Water Control Board (Central Valley Region) Adopts New Marijuana Standards
They have determined that the outdoor growing of 12 or more immature or 6 or more mature plants causes a significant impact on water quality.
Requires that all growers exceeding the 6/12 standard file a Report of Waste Discharge. The Report would include a map of the growing operation and how the operation would prevent discharge damage to water quality.
Requires the grower to allow for reasonable inspections by Water Control or Fish and Wildlife staff.

Yuba County FACT Update 9-27-2015

500 PLANT MARIJUANA BUST IN DOBBINS: Here is a 8-25-15 News Article from the Appeal Democrat. This article points out many of the complexities and difficulties of arresting criminal marijuana traffickers.

Yuba County FACT update 8-25-2015

To those who read a front page marijuana article in our weekly local newspaper today, do not be too concerned. The article heading could just as easily have said: "Superior Court Judge throws out part of Marijuana Suit". On August 13, 2015 the first real hearing of the POT Supporters suit against the Yuba County Marijuana Ordinance was heard. The Yuba County Council asked for the seven point marijuana suit to be thrown out. The judge did throw out one point and an additional two points will be thrown out in 30 days unless they are amended by the POT Supporters.

Yuba County FACT update 8-20-2015

The POT Supporters (Yuba Patients Coalition) finally were able to make a presentation in Yuba Superior Court on August 13, 2015. This was the third or fourth time they had been scheduled and finally their new attorney was prepared. They are attempting to overturn the new Yuba County marijuana cultivation ordinance by claiming they are being discriminated against. This has been tried in other counties and all cases were found in favor of the County. Judge Wirtschafter will make a decision within 60 days.

Yuba County FACT update 7-17-2015

The POT Supporters suing Yuba County and attempting to overturn the new Yuba County Cultivation Ordinance had another day in Yuba Superior Court. They have hired a new attorney and again was not prepared to move forward. Judge Wirtschafter continued their case until July 28 at 1:30 pm.